Millennium Express 2000 Tractor Trailer America Commemorate Truck New in Box NIB

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Up for sale is a 1998 Millennium 2000 Limited Edition Tractor Trailer Truck by Roy Thomas Inc. This Millennium 2000 American Commemorative Society Tractor Trailer Truck comes new in original packaging and box.
Events Commemorated in the 20th Century Include
  1. Freud's Interpretation of Dreams
  2. 1901 Marconi Sends Transatlantic Radio Messages
  3. 1903 Wright Brothers First Flight
  4. 1905 Einstein's E = mc 
  5. 1907 Baekland Synthesizes Plastic 
  6. 1908 Ford Builds Model T
  7. 1928 Fleming Discovers Penicillin
  8. 1928 First Regular TV Broadcast
  9. 1947 Transistor Leads Way to Computer Industry 
  10. 1953 Mapping The Structure of DNA
  11. 1954 The Birth of Rock and Roll
  12. 1969 Man Walks on the Moon
  13. 1997 Dolly (A Cloned Lamb)
  • The 1998 Millennium 2000 Limited Edition Battery Operated Tractor Trailer Truck by Roy Church Inc. can be yours for 29.99
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  • Comes new in original packaging
  • Ages 4 & Up
  • American Commemorative Society 
  • Made by Roy Thomas Inc. 
  • Commemorates the 20th Century
  • Battery Operated
  • Requires 2AA Batteries (Not Included)
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