Sin City Bloody Marv Black and White Action Figure NIB NECA NIP Mickey Rourke

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Up for sale is a Sin City Black And White Bloody Marv with Gladys, Handcuffs, Hacksaw, & Kevin's Severed Head Action Figure by NECA. The  Sin City Bloody Marv Action Figure by NECA comes new in original packaging and is made by NECA. Marv is played in Sin City by Actor Mickey Rourke. Marv is a hulking 7'9" ex-convict who frequents Kadie's. He is violent and unstable, with a mental condition that causes hallucinations and paranoia, and he bears the scars of fighting. His dangerous tendencies are held in check only by medication and a strong sense of chivalry. 


  • The Sin City Black And White Bloody Marv with Gladys, Hockey Gloves, Interchangeable Hands, & Razor Wires Action Figure by NECA can be yours for 44.99
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  • Comes new in original packaging
  • Made by NECA
  • 7.5 Inches tall
  • Black and White Bloody Marv Action Figure
  • Series 2
  • Includes Gladys, Handcuffs, Hacksaw, & Kevin's Severed Head
  • Played by Actor Mickey Rourke
  • Ages 18 & Up
  • Made in 2005